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The Free Healing session is offered to anyone who wants it, at no charge.

By registering for the Free Healing session, you will be assisted by Spirit to achieve balance and harmony in your body and your life.

As you heal yourself, you are being of service to the planet, by assisting the collective consciousness to heal.

Free Healing may include physical and/or emotional healing techniques, depending on each client’s needs, and the collective healing modality used on each occasion is intuitively guided by Spirit (which means that the modality/technique used is likely to be different each time a free healing is energetically sent).

The Free Healing session is freely available to anyone who wants it.

You are making a huge difference to the planet, just by being here, and we are pleased to give something back to you for all your efforts to ensure this world becomes a better place. Thank you for your contribution to the evolvement of the planet.

ES Butterfly FacingRight 2Thank you. Bless You. Namaste.


The Free Healing session is energetically sent (via remote/distant healing energy) on the 17th day of each month (EST). Bookings close for the Free Healing session at midnight on the day before the session is due to be energetically sent (16th day of each month EST). Bookings made on the 17th day of the month will be energetically sent the next month.


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Important Note For Free Healing:  The Free Healing session is displayed on the Events Calendar, however, a separate form must be completed to book for this service. The reason for this is because the Free Healing offer is not a marketing exercise, therefore, only your name is required for the healing to be effected. The Free Healing is offered at no charge, and you are welcome to book a Free Healing session every month.


Complete the 'Free Healing' form for the next available Energetically Sent 'Free Healing' session.

Thank You For Making A Difference In The World.

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